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Meet the Banga Family

January 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This week we had the privilege of taking photos with the Banga family. We went to our favoriate spot in Roswell which has so many options for settings. Thankfully the weather cooperated with us as it's been so very cold for Georgia. It was finally in the high 50's and the sun even showed it's face for a few minutes so we could get just a few pretty sun pictures at the end of the shoot. 

We had such a nice time with this very sweet family. Little Abeer is just 3 years old and this was his first professional photo shoot and my goodness did he do amazing. Mom and Dad brought toys and props which always help to make the little ones feel more comfortable. We love to bring Riley along for kids photo shoots because she is so good with kids and she almost always gets the laughs and smiles out of them. Abeer loved her so much that he wanted pictures with her and when it was time to pull her out he was not having it. He loved her, hugged her, kissed her and wanted to take her home with him. At the end of the shot as a treat for being so good we let him play with all four of the dogs. He got to walk Monroe on the leash and his mom walked Hamliton. Abeer loved it so much his dad said they may have to break down and buy him a dog, oops! Thank you Banga family, enjoy your pictures. 


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